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Mar 28th

Tapestry with lights  – With the arrival of the ” back to school “, the kings of the house are hurrying the last days of vacations and it is time to prepare their rooms for the new school year. Although most kids will enjoy a reunion with their classmates, it can be a stressful situation for some parents. And because, as they reach the age, school circumstances force us to evolve so that children are comfortable in studying and performing their tasks.We want to help you with various ” tips ” so that your children’s room is perfectly ready when they return to class:

Tapestry with Lights Up
Tapestry with Lights Up

Colors Tapestry with Lights

Some also call it ” color therapy “. In any case, it is important that the color of the walls and furniture helps your child to concentrate and retain academic information. Blue is a color that encourages relaxation, light or medium tones denote confidence and intelligence, as well as giving a sense of serenity to space. Tapestry with lights vivid colors is good for increasing positive attitude and energy. Thus, an orange or red hue could help your child develop his or her creativity. The pastel and white tones favor relaxation and concentration. Combined in a balanced way, your children can stay active and, at the same time, enjoy a clean and welcoming environment. Similarly, if in the same room as the bed, the play area, and the study table.

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The children’s room should have a direct access to natural light, although it should be avoided that it can give them in their sight. In this sense, it should be noted that sunlight is not enough. In addition, children may like to read at night and need artificial light. Therefore, it would be necessary to complete the decoration of the youth bedroom with flexo, table, and tapestry with lights that combine with the ceiling lamps and the natural illumination of the windows. With these simple ideas, you can prevent your children from straining their eyes.