Cleaning the Modern Rugs

Mar 10th

Modern rugs – In this case, there is only one question of where to clean the carpet. For this purpose a particular horizontal beams fences or just hanging on rope and clamping rack. Winter, we cannot forget such proven and easy way how to clean the modern rugs on the snow. Although this method is quite time consuming, but he tested over the years and the result of this procedure is fully justified. If the house is a small child, then sooner or later it may be the problem how to clean the rug of the smell of urine. This also applies to those who are in house pets.

The Modern Rugs
The Modern Rugs

As corny as it may sound but the smell of Urine is best to clean the household, immediately “vanish” (thankfully, its price is low) or any other cleaning agent. If the stain left by urine, detergent diluted in water with 1 teaspoon over the usual vinegar. In case of pets housewives may also worry about how to clean the dirty carpet on the cat’s fur. This can be done easily with a damp brush. Instead of detergent, you can use a simple soap. This recipe is most commonly used when there is a question how to clean a carpet stain because with such a mixture can also get rid of stains of chocolate, beverages, food residue. Some housewives consider how to clean the modern rugs using a soda because it is a tool that is often used in cleaning or cleaning different types. This is a very effective way, and even when used there is no interaction with chemicals.

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Soda not only helps clean the modern rugs but also return it to its former gloss. To prepare cleaning soda solution, take 0.5 cups of soda and 5 liters of water. The mixture should be sprayed through the spray and leave for 30-40 minutes. Finally while cleaning the modern rugs, it is desirable to avoid hot water, excessive scrubbing against the direction of movement of the pole, as well as all possible ways to dry the carpet as quickly as possible. And then your carpet will last more than a year.