Arranging Spanish Metal Garden

Apr 2nd

Spanish metal garden – If you want a Spanish metal garden, you should pay attention to a few important rules: One of these important rules is to go sparingly with wood. Because unlike the northern alpine gardens, little is built with wood in the south. The traditional building materials in the south are stone and forged metal as a “substitute building material” for wood. This simply has the reason that the southern alpine area is poor in forests. Rule: Little wood, lots of metal and stone. So we have to design a lot with stone and little wood. Instead of building rustic wooden buildings, you should resort to forged metal.

Spanish Metal Garden Set
Spanish Metal Garden Set

This concerns garden furniture, trellises, pergolas, garden gates and railings. As well as the smaller accessories such as garden lanterns and lamps, flower stairs etc. By the way, we can also us forged metal and not of wrought iron for the spanish metal garden. This has the disadvantage of applying rust and has to be painted regularly. If a window grid or a garden gate is very durable, you should also look for a blacksmith master who processes bronze. With a corresponding patina coating, the metal does not look obtrusive or like a foreign object in nature. It would be a creative faux pas to polish the gold-lustering metal somehow.

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For, of course, it should not be noticed that instead of iron the nobler metal was used, at least not in the classical Mediterranean garden design. Exceptions may be moderate plants, but the then would have to design an experienced gardener. But for home use, it is enough if you. For example, at the terrace no rustic wooden flooring but a paving stone preferably chooses, to be purchased at the then elegant metal garden furniture. However, I would like to point out that you should look not only for a suitable spanish metal garden design, but also in the chairs should also pay attention to convenience. For example, chairs without armrests absolutely uncomfortable.