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Fun Farm Animal Baby Bedding Themes and Design Tips

Fun Farm Animal Baby Bedding Themes and Design Tips

Remember years ago how fun it was to take a trip to the petting zoo? Did your parents ever take you through the country and visit a farm with a barnyard, fields of crops and farm animals? If you didn't grow up on a farm, it is a completely different life. It is an enduring and fulfilling, beautiful life that has been long forgotten. That is why teaching our children about life on a farm is so valuable. Your kids will appreciate the lovely farm setting, learn valuable life lessons, and fall in love with the wonderful farm animals. So if the farm experience is something you'd like to share with your child, then there is no better way to first introduce him/her to animals than by creating a farm theme in your nursery.

Visualizing Farm Life

When I think of life on the farm, the first thing that comes to mind is a big, red barnyard, full of adorable animals. You've got delightful cows and beautiful horses grazing on the pasture, and darling pigs, sheep and goats. Imagine the rooster crowing at the break of dawn, the family cat begging for cow's milk, and the dog corralling the chickens into the coop. You see large fields of crops as far as the eye can see and beautiful scenery that is simply breathtaking. Yes, farm life is definitely a marvelous life that is rich in culture.


Life on the farm has several fundamentals that are very educational to our youth. The responsibilities of maintaining a farm year round is hard work, but rewarding. It teaches children to be self-sufficient by showing them how to take care of the farm animals, cultivating different crops, and many other important daily tasks to ensure everything is in order. A good, virtual example is the Farmville game on Facebook. You must make sure all your animals are fed, and all your crops are watered and harvested when ready. But the real life lesson is actually going to a farm where you will learn the most, first hand.

Design Tips

Creating a farm theme for your nursery is a fun task and can be inexpensive to implement. The great thing is, a farm theme is wonderful for a boy or girl's nursery. Having boy/girl twins? Even better! Here are some design tips to get you started:

  • Baby Bedding: Get yourself a charming farm-themed baby bedding set. You will often see colorful, adorable animals, so be prepared for cuteness.
  • Nursery Walls: Try farm-themed wallpaper, stencils, decals, or if you have a creative hand, paint farm scenery.
  • Furniture/Decor: Any type of vintage wooden furniture or rustic style decor will go extremely well.
  • Colors: I would recommend red for the barnyard, natural colors for the scenery, and bright colors for the farm animals.
  • Accessories: Horseshoes, hay stack, handkerchiefs, farm tools, saddle, rocking horse, etc.
  • Stuffed animals: You can't go wrong with adorable stuffed farm animals to add the extra warmth and cuteness to your new farm-themed nursery.

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